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Preparation for Information Gathering

This subsection provides an overview of the steps involved in preparing for a human rights documentation mission. In particular, the section discusses how to go about planning the logistics for a documentation mission, including preparing for the mission, the interviews, and how to anticipate and account for various types of risk.

Preparation Prior to Interview

This video will review the preparation necessary prior to an interview, including considerations when assembling a documentation team, cultural sensitivities, and determining the site of the interview.

Logistical Planning

This video will provide an overview of the steps to plan the logistics of a documentation mission including mapping out communities, creating a recording strategy,, and financial planning needs.

Risk Assessment

This video will review the steps needed to conduct a risk assessment prior to a documentation mission.

Security Measures

This video will review the steps necessary to anticipate and plan for potential threats and create a security plan for the documentation mission.