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Engagement with Third-party Actors

Working with a third party organization or individual is often an unavoidable step in documentation. This segment will share tips on how to determine the trustworthiness of other actors, specifically interpreters and intermediaries. It also shares how to effectively train team members as they work on documentation with other third parties.

Determining the Trustworthiness of Other Actors

This video reviews the best practices for conducting background checks and determining the trustworthiness of others when assembling a documentation team prior to a mission.

Interpreters and Intermediaries

This video provides an overview of the services that interpreters and other intermediaries may provide, and reviews the best practices for working with interpreters and other intermediaries during a documentation mission.

Training and Accountability of Team Members

This video shares strategies on compiling a team of documenters, including ensuring all documenters have an appropriate level of skill and training to undertake documentation of serious human rights violations.