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GIJTR’s Legacy and Continued Commitments

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Securing meaningful inclusion and participation of survivors and affected communities in transitional justice processes to achieve acknowledgment, accountability and justice, reparations and memory laws.

…GIJTR came, recognized that we can play a role, but they also empowered us by building our capacity. And that helped us to support the process. And now that the TRRC ended, we are the people - the CSOs, the women-led organizations, victim-led organizations - are the ones that are continuing the process. We are the platforms that the victims are coming to. We're sharing information with them, but we also continue to provide support services to these people as we look forward to post-TRRC implementations.

GIJTR local partner,

The Gambia

Building the technical and administrative capacities of civil society to lead and engage in both formal and informal transitional justice processes and ensure sustained impact over the long-term that is responsive and innovative to the needs of communities.

But to be honest, what we have learned from GIJTR is more … The time they took to learn and to share with us, no other international organization has done that before. … The main difference is that GIJTR strategy was to make us independent, not to depend on them. They want to give us the tools, the materials, and to help us to realize our objectives.

GIJTR local partner,


Supporting the full engagement of a knowledgeable civil society rooted in local communities, to ensure that state processes are informed by victims and their representatives, and that CSOs are themselves equipped with the skills to hold states accountable.

When we were small GIJTR stood with us, we are now 8-10 years working on transitional justice. At the start we did not know transitional justice, this process and training … has enabled us to be aware of transitional justice and how to support it. As a result, we have trained staff with expertise on forensics, database and data analysis as well as documentation. As a result of the project we are known and trusted.

GIJTR local partner,

South Sudan

Amplifying the experiences and expertise of communities in the Global South, GIJTR promotes the creation of a learning community comprising of diverse practitioners and scholars who inform the wider field based on their own learned and lived experiences.

I remember participating in a conference or workshop where, for the first time, you also heard victims’ voices and that's unusual because you usually have organizations who either parade victims or speak themselves for victims, and here they were speaking for themselves. … Where the consortium has had an impact really in the kind of organizations within the consortium, it has tried to be exactly that, a space where the voices of victims can be heard. I would say that that's been quite revolutionary really.

Global Transitional Justice Expert


GIJTR is grateful for the support from all of its partners and donors that have made these impacts possible. Most importantly, GIJTR is grateful to the victims, survivors and communities that have entrusted us with their stories, hopes and convictions.
GIJTR would like to extend its thanks all partners that have graciously shared their items to be displayed at this exhibition.